“gracefully communicates her thoughts...”

Anne has a way with quickly synchronizing herself to your particular situation and gracefully communicates her thoughts. I still to this day refer to the many concepts and metaphors she introduced me to and carry them with me to help with my healing process.

— S.W.

I have a life now.

I came in for counseling during my divorce because I was having panic attacks every day. Anne helped me to cope and stop panicking. I look back at that enormous support during that terrible time in my life and I am so grateful.

I finally stood up to my family. For years I was scared, even paralyzed with fear of how they would reject me, but now I have my life, and my family is more OK than I thought they would be with my decisions. I have a life now. That is what therapy did for me, working with Anne.

— B.C.

I have a place to talk and be real. I never had that before. Anne was there for me.

— J.K.


“Anne didn't 'just listen',...”

I knew I had to change, I was so unhappy. Anne didn’t “just listen”, I had that kind of counseling before. She showed me how to change and supported me while I figured it out. And she also really heard me. 

— A.C.

“I would have had my second divorce...”

I would have had my second divorce, but Anne helped us really listen to each other and get over the bad patterns that we had. We are back to where we started, in love and excited to be together, even when it’s tough, we talk. 

— J.A.


“Anne tells you what you need to hear...”

Anne tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear and that is what helped me. 

— F.C.

"Anne helped me embrace confidence..."

Anne helped me embrace confidence so I could make it through some testing situations where anxiety was debilitating. I now feel peace and competence where I once felt fear and uncertainty.

— C.C.

“Anne has restored my faith in counseling...”

Anne Diamond has restored my faith in counseling and I have recommended her to so many friends, family, acquaintances because I have that much confidence in her talent to help others when they want to be helped. Change is difficult and scary and anxiety is abundant, but with Anne’s counseling; breathing exercises, visualization, processing and encouragement to try new approaches, I accomplished just that.

There were so many things that were beneficial in my counseling sessions with Anne but my absolute favorite was the parting “gift” at the end of the session…an index card (sometimes 2 or 3 cards, depending), with an idea, or a phrase, or a poignant question, something that would help remind me of my personal goals. I use these cards today, and they still help to anchor me when I fall back on “old” habits. 

— S.L.

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— Pablo