Treatment for depression, anxiety, relationship problems, assertiveness issues, personal empowerment, life-changes, crisis management, trauma, employment and career issues.

Fast track guidance to a healthier, more satisfying relationship by learning to identify and alter destructive patterns, improve communication and deeply connect to your partner…no matter how long you have been together or how old you are.

Reinforcement of your relationship right from the start by clarifying expectations and values concerning life-style, finances, sex, families-in-law, religion and children.

Work with issues stemming from addictions, stage of life, divorce, eldercare, illness , parent-child communication, and family reunification.

As a Sex Positive Therapist, Anne provides safe and supportive counseling designed to help you and your partner fulfill your desires, connect more deeply or reconnect.

Hypnosis utilizes your own unique resources to change habits and overcome fears and trauma. Improve confidence, sports performance, and test-taking. Treat phobias (e.g. dentistry, flying). Prepare for surgery and birth through guided imagery.

Compassionate client-centered counseling for those experiencing loss of a family member, friend or pet. Anne is there for you and understands the depth and complexity of loss and grief.

Facilitating safe and supportive groups in which to explore common issues such as childhood abuse

Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Divorce, Fears/OCD, Relationships, Caregiver Fatigue, Trauma, Sexuality, Workplace conflicts, and Anger Management.